Group Leader

Tim Nattkemper

Academic degree: Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Email: contact
Phone: +49 521 106-6059
Office: V10-111

Tim W. Nattkemper studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Chemistry and finished with a diploma in Computer Science. In 2001 he was awarded a PhD in Computer Science for his pioneering work on machine learning methods for the analysis of high dimensional fluorescence micrographs. Since 2002 Tim Nattkemper leads his own Biodata Mining Group at the Faculty of Technology of the Bielefeld University, Germany. In his research TWN develops new approaches to overcome bottleneck problems in nowadays life science and biology research, which is caused by growing data volume and complexity. In particular, the group has proposed early solutions to problems of micrograph segmentation, high dimensional biodata visualization, web-based bioimage analysis and next generation sequencing data classification (so called metagenomics). Recently the group opened up a new field of bioimage analysis, referred to as underwater informatics, to address the pressing Big Data problems in marine imaging.


Daniel Langenkämper

Academic degree: Dr.-Ing.
Email: contact
Phone: +49 521 106-3955
Office: V10-105

Torben Möller

Academic degree: Dipl.-Math.
Email: contact
Phone: +49 521 106-3678
Office: V10-113

Karsten Wüllems

Academic degree: M.Sc.
Email: contact
Phone: +49 521 106-6067
Office: V10-112

Martin Zurowietz

Academic degree: M.Sc.
Email: contact
Phone: +49 521 106-6058
Office: V10-103

Sebastian Burgemeister



  • Alexandra Scherbart
  • Claudio Varini
  • Magnus Rathke
  • Axel Saalbach
  • Dominik Mertens
  • Naryttza N. Diaz
  • Benedikt Brink
  • Georges Hattab
  • Nikolas Kessler
  • Birgit Lessmann
  • Hammad Qureshi
  • Ning Wei
  • Christian Loyek
  • Ingunn Nilssen
  • Stefan Albaum
  • Christian Held
  • Jan Kölling
  • Thorsten Twellmann
  • Christian Martin
  • Jonas Osterloff
  • Timm Schoening
  • Claudia Rubiano
  • Julia Herold
  • Wiebke Timm